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The 50th issue of the Museum Belvédère magazine

Fifteen years ago the first issue of MB was published and now the 50th edition has been published. For this festive MB, 37 artists were invited to submit a work of art that could be reproduced in the square format of the magazine. The painting I made for this, 'Goodbye Swan', went to the museum a while ago and I was waiting for MB#50 to be released. Yesterday it arrived and it turned out beautiful!

Remarkably, I appear to be the only one who opted for a bleed design, that is, a print without a white border around it. Later this year, all works will be shown in Museum Belvédère, as part of the museum's 20th anniversary. Below are some of my favorites.

Artists: Erica Scheper, Coen Vunderink, Pieter Knorr, Margriet van Weenen, Ruud van Empel, Hans Hoekstra, Christiaan Kuitwaard, Erik Mattijssen, Sabiene Liedtke, Anke Roder, Daniëlle van Broekhoven and Jet van Oosten.


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