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Sunday evening I received email from one Scott Prior from Northampton who thought my work was Amazing. He inquired about the availability and price of six paintings. My first reaction was that it could be a scam. Someone I don't know wanting to buy multiple works at once? Anyway, it could be true!

I sent a friendly email back with information. The response came quickly; he wanted all six. It was a gift for his wife, but it all had to be arranged immediately because the Anniversery date was around the corner.

Bit alarming. But still, it could be true!!

Yesterday I spent much of my afternoon doing this. Figured out what is involved in sending work to America, who can do it, how fast and what the costs are. I also did some further research on Scott Prior. His site looked good and I didn't see anything crazy about him on google either. I did come across a message though, on his Facebook page from a Dutch artist that he had been hacked, that she had received a crazy e-mail from him. I started calling this person. And yes, she too had received a message that he wanted to buy several paintings. Keeping in mind that the first mail had read "Happy New Year," the idea that this person posing as Scott Prior was seriously interested in my work really faded away. Anyway, it could have been true...

I found an interesting article about Art Scams here.

The Six Amazing Paintings:

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