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Bio - Exhibitions - Publications

Erica Scheper (1974), visual artist. 



2001 – 2005 Artez Institute of the Arts, Academy of Art and Design in Arnhem, fine art course

1992 – 1997 Hanze University Groningen, HEAO Business Economics

1986 – 1992 Emelwerda College Emmeloord, VWO


Awards and stipends


2005 Nomination for the ‘Kunstbeeld Groene Olijf’ best graduate award

2005 Starting stipend from the Fund for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture




Art lab Deventer | CBK Groningen | Rabobank Groningen | Municipality of Dronten | CBK Amsterdam South East I private collections


Een portretfoto in zwart wit.


Pictura, Wintersalon, group exhibition

Belvédère Museum, group exhibition 

Gallery with tsjalling, Groningen, group exhibition

Debsaysyes, Antwerp, group exhibition


Belvédère Museum, As Death, group exhibition 

WEP Salon, WEP Foundation, Groningen, group exhibition

MOW Museum Westerwolde, Bellingwolde, Duuster, group exhibition 

Campis Contemporary Art, group exhibition  Assen


Art North, Museum Belvédère, art fair

Gallery with tsjalling, Groningen, 'copy/paste', group exhibition

Galerie Bo Lumen, Finsterwolde, group exhibition


Pictura, Groningen, 'Corona', group exhibition

De Kunstdames, Groningen, group exhibition


Gallery with tsjalling, Groningen, 'Cake', group exhibition

The MOW, Museum Westerwolde, 'Vitamin K', group exhibition

Rosalux, Berlin, 'Zwischenräume', group exhibition

CBK, Art Library Groningen


Drawing Cabinet, Amstelpark, Amsterdam

Summer Expo, Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle

Exploring art without borders, art route

Dairy room, Heerenveen, 'Lust(rum)'


Borg Ewsum, Middelstum, 'Changing Of The Seasons'

CBK Emmen, 'Animals and Things', with Jennifer Koning, Myrte van Dijk and Carolien Adriaansche

Huntenkunst, Ulft, art fair

Art North, Museum Belvédère, art fair

Gallery with tsjalling, Groningen, 'Cherry picking', group exhibition


Melklokaal, Heerenveen, 'Milkshake 3'

Pictura, Groningen, 'Masterpiece'

Drawing cabinet, Museum Waterland, Purmerend

Drawing Cabinet, Amstelpark, Amsterdam

Inside out, Zuidlaren, with Wim Bosch, Rosa Everts and Thijs Jansen

Blind Date, Amsterdam

SLPKGL!, Groningen


Realism fair, Amsterdam, gallery De Vis

Gallery with tsjalling, Groningen, 'A Day in the Life', with Remco Dikken

Museum Belvédère, Oranjewoud, 'Free after Jan Mankes'


Realism fair, Amsterdam, Galerie Wilms

Gallery with tsjalling, Groningen, 'Mesoscope', with Rosa Everts

Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam, group exhibition contemporary drawing

This Art Fair, Amsterdam, Drawing Cabinet



Realism fair, Amsterdam, Galerie Wilms

Affordable Art Fair, Maastricht, Galerie Wilms



ART2013, art fair Utrecht, gallery Bianca Landgraaf

Galerie De Vis, Harlingen, 'The year of the farm'

Gallery Bianca Landgraaf, Laren, 'Balance'

Galerie Ann's Art, Groningen, 'Butter, milk and caravans', solo exhibition

Kunstenlab Deventer, 'Art zapping'


Realism fair, Amsterdam, Huub Hannen gallery

Museum Nairac, Barneveld, 'Typically Dutch'

Huizer museum, Houses, 'Typically Dutch'

Museum Oude Wolden, Bellingwolde, 'Typically Dutch'

Galerie Bianca Landgraaf, Laren, 'Old acquaintances & new faces'

Gallery Ann's Art, Groningen, 'winter expo'

Kunstenlab Deventer, solo exhibition 'Functional things on the wall'

Kunstenlab Deventer, 'The public's choice'


Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Summer Expo 'Anonymously Chosen' / New Masters of the Low Countries

Gallery Ann's Art, Groningen, solo exhibition 'Functional things on the wall'

Gallery Vonkel, The Hague, 'Vonkel V year'

Gallery Bianca Landgraaf, Laren, 'ART4Kids'


Affordable Art Fair, London, Gallery Tracey McNee Fine Art (Glasgow)

Galerie Albus lux, Roosendaal, duo exhibition with Tobias Böhm

Galerie Vonkel, The Hague, contemporary art, solo exhibition

Der Aa-kerk, Groningen, 'Nieuwe Uitleenschatten', CBK Groningen and SBK Amsterdam

CBK Concordia, Enschede, solo exhibition


Various art fairs, London, Bristol, Edingborough and Glasgow, Tracey McNee Fine Art

Museum Belvédère, Oranjewoud, NOK, group exhibition

Galerie Vonkel, The Hague, solo exhibition 'Grow up'

Gallery Huub Hannen, Maastricht, exhibition with Iris Loonen and Saskia Jetten

Gallery Ann's Art, Groningen, solo exhibition


Lineart 2008, Ghent, Belgium, Amstel Gallery

Arti08, The Hague, gallery Vonkel

Affordable Art Fair, New York, Paris and Amsterdam; Amstel Gallery

Galerie Vonkel, The Hague, 'the 00s'



Affordable Art Fair, Amsterdam, Amstel Gallery, Amsterdam

Gallery Müllerpier, Rotterdam, solo exhibition

Gallery Artolive, Amsterdam, exhibition with Marin de Jong and Douwe Dijkstra



Center for Visual Arts Amsterdam South-East, new acquisitions

Galerie Bel-etage, Amsterdam, exhibition with Jos Kazemaker

Gallery 300percent, Schiedam, exhibition with Jeffrey Dunsbergen and Afra Willems



Westergasfabriekterrein, Amsterdam, Young Talent 2005

Gallery Bart Kunst In Huis, Nijmegen

Arnhem School of the Arts, graduation exhibition



CODA museum, Apeldoorn, group exhibition


Other activities


2019 - present Project manager at Kunstpunt Groningen 

2008 - 2020 Painting teacher at VRIJDAG, Groningen

2019 Masterclass for the winners of the Kunstbende

2015 Guest writer for daily column 'Art of the day' on

2013 Jury 'The portrait of Drenthe'

2012 Jury 'The Drenthe Collection'

2010 Jury Kunstbende



Dagblad van het Noorden, 5 maart 2024, by Eric Bos

MB, april 2023, magazine Museum Belvédère

NRC, 16 maart 2023, by Marjoleine de Vos

FD Persoonlijk, Financieel Dagblad, March 4 2023, article with interview by Ellen Leijser

Like Death– painters, sculptors, photographers, writers about decay and finiteness. Publication accompanying the exhibition of the same name in Museum Belvédère, 2023

Newspaper of the North, Nov. 30, 2018

Drawing cabinet, catalog for the lustrum exhibition, 2017

Leeuwarder Courant, 'That tastes like more', review Grytsje Klijnstra, 27 January 2017

Newsletter Patty Morgan, 'It's the end of the world but it's also ok', January 20, 2017

Image Mundi,Luciano Benneton Collection, 2017

The Great Dutch Art Calendar 2017, Trichis Publishing

Magazine MB, 'Vrij naar Mankes', Museum Belvédère, autumn 2016

The Dagblad of the North, interview, Illand Pietersma, January 15, 2015  

Art spot, "Staring at the World's Most Famous Stool," June 2015

Drawing cabinet, catalogue, 2015

Image in EH&I, Eigen Huis en Interieur, July 2014  

Article on the Spanish blog Directo al Paladar, August 23, 2014

Art of the day, by Jeroen Allart, Feb 24, 2012  

Art of the day, by Benno Tutein Nolthenius, Nov 30, 2012 

Tableau fine arts magazine, November 2012  

De Telegraaf, piece plus image after the exhibition Typically Dutch, 2012  

De Kunstkrant, article about the exhibition Typically Dutch, 2012  

Selected anonymously, catalog at the Summer Expo in Het Gemeentemuseum The Hague, 2011  

Avro's Kunstuur. Two interviews following the Summer Expo and a discussion of my work by Hans den Hartog Jager, 2011  

The Dagblad of the North,interview, Illand Pietersma March 30, 2011

Interview in the Noorderkrant, 2010 

Review in Uit magazine The Hague, 2009 

Magazine MB, from the Belvédère museum, 2009  

Interview in the Ommelander Courant, 2008  

Art? Buy! Véronique Baar, guide to buying contemporary art, 2007 

Met Stip, catalog published by Fonds BKVB, 2006 

Review in Amsterdam art, by Daniel R. Gould, 2006  

Paradies in Münster, Catalogue, 2006 

Young Talent, catalog for exhibition with graduation work in Westergasfabriek, 2005 

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