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Hello swan

Museum Belvédère has its own magazine, MB, and soon the 50th issue will be published. Thirty-six artists were asked to contribute to this anniversary edition. We have been completely free in what we make, as long as it is square just like MB.

In my recent work I depict origami animal figures and that is also what I wanted to do for Museum Belvédère. So I was looking for an animal that fits into a square surface. And it would also be great if the content was fitting.

The museum is located in Oranjewoud and borders on the Swan Forest estate. Floating in the water near the museum are swans created by the Flemish artist Roger Raveel. These swans have a square hole in their bodies. I folded a swan from a square sheet of origami paper and painted it on a 70 x 70 cm canvas. We have come full circle.

All contributions will be exhibited at Museum Belvédère in October.

The anniversary edition of the museum magazine MB will appear in mid-April.

Hello swan, oil on canvas, 70 x 70 cm, 2024


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