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Last month, I completed this painting: two squirrels made of origami. I had started working on it last year, in my studio in the Biotoop. My studio was on the second floor with a big tree in front of my windows. Twice I saw a squirrel running across the branches there; what a fun sight that was.

Folding a squirrel is not at all easy I can say. This origami figure is so far the only one I have folded from an oblong piece of paper. Almost all figures start from a square. I have quite a few books on origami by now, but I made this one based on a YouTube video (play - pause - play - pause - play - pause).

By the way, the creation of the painting went in the same rhythm. It was searching for the right colours, a question from Museum Belvédère came up in between and then a move of my studio. But now the painting is finished and on show at Stichting WEP, in Groningen. Next weekend from 1pm-5pm and Thursday 6 April from 5pm-8pm. In an exhibition with work by more than 60 artists from Groningen!

Squirrels, Oil on linen, 60 x 90 cm, 2023


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