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Off balance

It started about a year ago, the restlessness. Through remodelling, moving and remodelling again. First, a major refurbishment of the living room/kitchen; from painting the beamed ceiling to laying a wooden floor. And everything in between. My husband may have done most of the work, but living in a dishevelled house dislocated. Fortunately, I was able to go to my studio, my own place in the Biotope where everything was in order. Until not much later the news came that the monthly studio rent would be raised again substantially, perhaps even doubled, due to the high energy consumption in the building and increased costs.

After months of uncertainty about the increase, hassles about new conditions and a studio that was barely being fired, I left the Biotope in February to work at home. To make room, I had to say goodbye to all sorts of stuff and the spare room was abolished. It wasn't ideal, but I was able to return to work more or less immediately. Meanwhile, my husband worked to make it a nice and warm studio. And big; last month a wall was moved and a good chunk of the shed was added to my workspace.

A year of turmoil, then. Rebuilding and moving takes time, money and energy. Far from ideal for creativity. It's not that I couldn't work, but a nice flow I had only at times this past year. That's a shame, I miss it, but it's no big deal. In a few weeks my studio will be in order and I know that concentration and flow will be back in no time after that. Besides, I can stay here as long as I want and heat it up as much as I want.

Disastrous really is the system whereby many artists depend on vacancy management for their workspace, never knowing how long they can stay somewhere and having to move with some regularity to make a new space a good place to work again. A waste of all the time, energy and costs. A waste of creativity.


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